Come and join us for an inspiring and transformational experience, whether it is one of our Life By Mindful Design tele-seminars, a 4 hour, or 4 day workshops/seminars. All of our workshops include teaching practical and effective life skills that can be applied immediately.  Our engaging activities support more effective thoughts and behaviors, inspiring a greater sense of purpose, connectedness, unity and well-being.

Our work is interactive and experiential; employing accelerated learning methodologies and solid, leading-edge content, based on ‘best practices’ of Integrative Health and Wellness.  We give participants the tools to transform and, the motivation to want to do so as soon as possible.  Feedback from participants includes: inspiring, engaging & motivating, energizing, meaningful, practical and useful, both personally and professionally.

If you would like to schedule one of our workshops for your group/organization, or be notified of upcoming events, please email or call us at 949-436-2662.

Our Current Workshops and Seminars

To host one of these workshops or seminars at your facility, please contact Anna.

  • Life By Mindful Design Tele-Seminar:

Tele-seminars are an easy way of learning from the comfort of your own space.  All you need is a telephone, a pre-assigned conference number (given after you register) and an hour each week. You will join me and the other tele-seminar participants with the option of either participating, or remaining anonymous by just listening.  Can’t make a session?  No worries.  You will have access to the recording of each session.  Each week, I will present specific concepts and tools that are based on current Neuroscience Research and the “Best Practices” of Integrative Health and Wellness.  These techniques are the specific tools that will enable you to create and LIVE a joyful life.  You will have easy “homeplay” to practice and anchor the techniques each week.

  • Corbett Surgical Coaching©:

Have you ever faced a surgical procedure?   Do you remember fears and concerns you had about the surgery?  Research shows that these thoughts and fears can actually inhibit post operative healing. This program, which is based on current brain and body research, prepares you to enter into surgery positively and experience the most ideal healing following surgery.  Learn More…

  • Rx for Caregivers: Self Care

Having experienced being in-home caregivers and being witness to professional caregivers in the health field, we created this seminar as a way of gifting yourself with techniques for rejuvenating balance and Integrative Well-Being in every area of your life, whether you are caring for a family member or as a caregiver in the Health Profession.

  • 7 Steps to Joyful Living  This workshop is based on the best practices of integrative health and wellness which is about understanding the deep connections between all parts of our lives: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, professional, financial and environmental. Read more…
  • Transform Your Life

Born out of a need to have an opportunity to step out of busy lives, but only having an afternoon available, this workshop is a path to overcoming stress and exhaustion and emerging with instant balance, energy and well-being,  This is a fast-paced, yet relaxing 4 hours to experience time-honored, transformational techniques and strategies, choosing what will work for you and leaving with an Easy plan to immediately implement desired change.

  • Women In Transition:

Whether you are navigating through a mid-life change, empty nest, career change, a divorce or death of a spouse, or a life-threatening illness, this is a time to retreat, pause and take time to listen to what is seeking to emerge.  You will learn and take away strategies and principles that will empower you to move through your transition with ease, grace and confidence.

  • Living Abundant Wealth:

Join us in learning what true wealth is and how you can create and sustain it in every area of your life.  This is an integrative approach to Wealth, an opportunity to identify and replace limiting beliefs and experience yourself as abundantly wealthy.