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IMG_4939b.jpgI thought you’d enjoy another Guest Blog shared by one of our “Design A Life You Love” Tele-Seminar Participants. She sent this over after the second of our four calls:

After participating in ‘”Design a Life You Love” for a full week now, I am noticing some subtle shifts. I have been slowly clearing clutter in my home for years now, but last week I felt inspired to take some noticeable steps – reorganizing paperwork and rearranging some of the furniture I use in my home office space. I cleared, and I felt greater clarity! Roooo-Aaaahhh!
Here’s what I’m focusing on since last night’s Tele-Seminar Call 2:
Practicing Gratitude. I specifically thank my mother. The challenges I perceived were actually opportunities for my growth.
Joyful Living in my perspective: Being surrounded by my lovely garden. Picking and eating fresh vegetables, enjoying the sweet fragrance from colorful blossoms. My beautiful daughter, and watching the joy she experiences every day. Bathing in the energy of that joy. My gorgeous cats and how they bask in nature and beauty day after day. Should anything come up this week that at first glance appears negative to me, I intend to ask myself, “How can I look at this in a positive way?”


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My life passion is partnering with individuals and organizations in creating their own unique transformations and living their lives to the absolute fullest. I love supporting my clients in getting clarity about their own present state, defining what it is that they want to create, and then making it happen. In working with my clients, I am able to draw upon my vast professional experiences of over 40 years. Having a private mental health counseling, consulting & training practice for over 24 years in Phoenix, Arizona, I was invited by individuals and organizations from all areas of life, to be a part of their life journey.
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