“Coaching with Anna via telephone changed the course of my life in the midst of a health crisis.  I believe the work we did together, both creative and practical, was fuel for healing my body and spirit.  As a coach she is enthusiastic, validating, supportive, empathetic, and intelligent.  I do not see how anyone can NOT see positive changes in their life with Anna as their life coach.”
– Alena D., Social Worker & Yoga Instructor, NY


“Working with Anna, being coached by her, is an amazing experience!  Anna’s inspiration, creativity and expertise allowed me to explore my fullest potential in life.  Anna’s energy and guidance provided me with new insights and helped me to change my limiting beliefs. As a result, I made remarkable gains in my professional and personal growth.  Anna is truly a kind and giving person. Her encouragement, her amazing skills as a coach, and her integrity empowered me to be the best I can be. I will be forever grateful!”
– Alexandra A., Software Development Manager, CA


“Through Anna’s coaching style and expertise, she guided me through some life challenges in a way that has provided valuable insight and change in my life.  Her loving and embracing demeanor allowed me to fully discover more of who I am and supported me in opening my medical spa.”
– Sheri A., Nurse Practitioner, NV


“Anna has had a huge positive impact on our group.  Through her guidance, we have shifted from an organization of unproductive in-fighting and criticism to a group that is much more accepting of other’s idiosyncrasies and more likely to give one another room to be their own person instead of expecting them to be what we want them to be.  As a result we are both individually, and as a group, much more productive and prosperous.  This is an ongoing project, but we are well on the way and enjoying the successful changes, personally and professionally, that have come about as a result of working with Anna.   We all acknowledge that we would not be in this current state without the skillful transformative guidance of Anna.”
– Judy L., Real Estate Broker, FL


Our start up organization benefited tremendously in working with Anna.  She was especially helpful in getting our group, with broad cultural differences, integrated, focused on common objectives, and functioning as a successful team.  She truly walks her talk in coaching us toward our desired outcomes.”
– Jim C, CEO, NY


“Throughout my life, I have been mindful of the Golden Rule in the treatment of others.  Anna has given me the tools to honor my own essence in the same manner.  One cannot be wise without being knowledgeable, decent, strong, and kind.  Anna is indeed a wise woman and a master teacher.”
– Maureen G.,  Juris Doctor, AZ


“I call Anna when I need an intelligent, experienced colleague to partner with, or a wise, strong coach to illuminate my path.  Her grounded wisdom helps me maintain clear focus.  Her infectious enthusiasm and natural warmth reconnects me with the best parts of myself.”
– Jane C.  Management Consultant & Artist, CA


“What a find Anna has been for me!  Not only is she my life coach, she is my guide and my mentor.  She has helped me in all aspects of my life from spiritually to emotionally, physically and beyond.  It is so exciting to set goals and actually meet them!  I would recommend her to any who want to move forward in their lives.”
– Kathleen S., Postpartum Doula, CA


“Working with Anna has allowed me to see parts of myself I really hadn’t experienced before.  As a result I am able to really embrace and live my own uniqueness, using my God given gifts.  I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with Anna.  I like the pro-active aspects of her coaching.  She offers a supportive relationship providing direction, tools, and support for creating the life I want.  Her compassion and loving wisdom, her focus and delightful humor, make her a great coach.”
– Bobby L.,  Teacher, FL


“Anna’s insights and deft questioning were exactly what I needed! Her style is always gracious and kind with an infectious enthusiasm. Her education, skills and history set her head and shoulders above other coaches I’ve worked with.”
– Evelyn J.,  Home Manager and Life Coach, VA



“You are what you repeatedly do.  Excellence is not an event, it is a habit.”
-Aristotle (384-322)