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“Out of Despair Into Mindful Action!”

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“How could this have happened…my heart is breaking…  How could this have happened?”  As I heard myself asking this question throughout 2016 and into 2017, I recognized that I was often sliding into my ‘default network’, allowing my ‘amygdala to be held hostage’, floating between disbelief and terror.  Often I found myself weeping, I am sure as a result of the ‘story’ I was telling myself.   

Although I continued my daily Practices of Meditation, Mindfulness throughout the day, and Medication in Motion through Gratitude Hikes, I found myself laughing less, sleeping poorly, and not being fully present.  I was having conversations about our beloved United States, our Democracy (which I discovered I had always taken for granted) and Humanity, that I never previously imagined. 

I watched in disbelief, and sadness, as people within my family and community were being bullied, and relationships torn apart.  My heart was breaking as I witnessed the venomousness, the horrible divisions among family members, friends and communities.  I was horrified as I read vicious and mean- spirited Facebook posts from people whom I previously had experienced as reasonable, intelligent and caring.

This was truly ‘uncharted territory’ and my only way through was continuing my mindfulness practices, educating myself, and reminding myself to ‘be in curiosity, wondering what goodness, what miracles, could come from this’?  

And the miracles began arriving.  They aren’t looking like I thought they would…do they ever? 

I have discovered that working together in healing the wounds in our families, our community, our nation and our planet is essential. What I am ‘remembering’ is that when we come to the ‘listening’ and the sharing, in a state of centered compassion and loving kindness, with hearts and hands wide open, eyes smiling with love, miracles indeed abound.

I was inspired to take the 12 Week Peace Ambassador’s Training through The Shift Network, an organization with a mission to help humanity evolve and create a sustainable, healthy, peaceful and prosperous world.  Out of that transformative experience, and bringing together all of my previous life work, I heard the call from the women across the country in our Joy In Living community who were asking me to support them in healing the wounds that have come from this divisive time on our beautiful planet.  I began creating the Cultivating Mindful Peace program.

Through connecting with the collective consciousness of our Joy In Living Community, we are beginning to peacefully, and mindfully, step into action.  This is a powerful, and empowering opportunity, one which I know we would not have had the privilege of creating had it not been for the election of Donald Trump.  

The darkness of hatred, fear and separateness has been revealed.  We now have the opportunity to bring the healing, compassionate, transformative light of mindful peace forward.

We began with ‘Calling The Circle’ through our weekly tele-retreats.   From across the country, we have come together to study, and to live the practices of Cultivating Mindful Peace.  We have discovered that as we continue these peace practices, the energy from them influences our own souls and those around us. 

We began to see that the choices we are making are indeed influencing peace within our families, and friends, our work and our play.  We are experiencing all of this radiating out to a national and global peace.

I find myself in a deep state of awe and gratitude for all that we have already had the opportunity to experience together.  The teachings, and the sharings, have been compelling, inspiring and encouraging. Miracles abounding….

We are a vibrant non-partisan group of women, recognizing the wisdom and common humanity within each of us.  Collectively we do not identify with any political party as we come from diverse political backgrounds, Republicans (some voted for Trump, others did not), Democrats, and Independents.  Some are Pro-Choice, others are Pro-Birth.  Our spiritual practices of faith are also diverse, yet we recognize and honor the Spirit within every individual. 

What unites us is our common commitment to preserve and protect the Democracy of our United States of America, our Mother Earth and All Relations, through Cultivating Mindful Peace and taking ‘inspired action’.  We recognize that healing the wounds is only possible by each of us stepping into a place of ‘possibility for respect and mindful peace’.

We have learned that it is essential to come to issues, and discussions, from a place of centered, educated, powerful presence…’informed responding’ rather than ’emotional reacting’.  Some of us are writing and calling congress, becoming active in our local communities, signing petitions and marching.  All of us are recognizing the transformative power of prayer…praying for the Highest Good for all of humanity, our democracy and our planet.  We have indeed awakened out of our despair and complacency and into mindful action.

Hmmmmm….and I thought the next chapters were going to be quiet and insular.  What I know, is that through the collective consciousness of our Joy In Living community, we can love, support, encourage one another and BE peace, listening, and taking inspired action as we include mindfully caring for our own souls.  

Does this resonates for you?  If yes, and you would like to be part of our community making a difference, I invite you to join us on the journey by subscribing at our home page.  Miracles and infinite possibilities of goodness abounding indeed!


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My life passion is partnering with individuals and organizations in creating their own unique transformations and living their lives to the absolute fullest. I love supporting my clients in getting clarity about their own present state, defining what it is that they want to create, and then making it happen. In working with my clients, I am able to draw upon my vast professional experiences of over 40 years. Having a private mental health counseling, consulting & training practice for over 24 years in Phoenix, Arizona, I was invited by individuals and organizations from all areas of life, to be a part of their life journey.
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