Going through a life change and feeling confused, frightened and unfocused?  Wanting something more from life but just not sure how to get there?  Feeling absolute overwhelm and beginning to experience physical symptoms?  Whatever your concern, through the empowering process of mindful coaching you can move forward in a way you couldn’t find on your own.

You are the authority in your life. I am your confidential partner in your amazing journey of transformation.

As a board certified health and wellness coach with over 4,000 hours of coaching experience with people from all walks of life,  and over 40 years in human development work, I provide you with the tools, skills, awareness, and courage to create permanent, positive change.


I use a simple and straightforward approach:

  • Clarify your goals
  • Set your intentions
  • Design realistic action steps and benchmarks
  • Establish accountability
  • Celebrate your successes—your accomplishments along the way
    as well as your end goals.

Together we break through the barriers that have held you back in the past.  You will gain the courage to take the risks necessary to mindfully create your next chapters. You will begin living  from a new place of centered strength. The shift is permanent, and you are forever changed as a result of the process. You are able to attain, hold, and keep what you really desire.

Personalized Coaching Packages

Together we will develop a coaching package that meets your needs & goals. My individual coaching work is done primarily on the phone, or in person if you are in Southern California.  The initial interview process will assist you in determining which areas need development. With coaching, you will

  • Determine what is really fundamental.
  • Become aware of what has been hindering your progress.
  • Take positive action towards desired goals in a systematic and continuous process.
  • Learn tools and skills to create new patterns.
  • Create the results you desire.

Identify your dream and your commitment.  With my support, encouragement, and proven processes, together we can make it happen!

Discover what partnership with an experienced, successful coach can provide for you.  Call or email me to see how we can work together to create a life you love!