‘Design A Life You Love’ Tele-Seminar Participant Shares Experience

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One of our Participants in the 4 week “Design A Life You Love” Tele-Seminar shares her experience:

Design a Life You Love. How amazing does that sound? I want to love my life. When I learned that Anna Corbett was offering a 4 week Tele-Seminar on this subject, I knew I had to sign up. Last night was the first of 4 calls and I’m amazed at how good I feel after participating.

During the call we did some calming, deep breathing exercises. I immediately felt relaxed, focused, and tuned in to the concepts Anna presented. I tend to have pretty consistent ‘mind chatter’ so I plan to test out the techniques Anna detailed for quieting my mind. I intend to pay attention to my internal dialogue and if I catch myself in negativity, I’m going to spin to positive. This will be a challenge for sure because I am facing a potential foreclosure on my beloved home. Anna’s gentle guidance has nudged me out of a place of fear and instead wondering what good will come out of this situation.

I look forward to designing a life that I LOVE…a life that’s unique to me. I want to feel good. I want to feel clear. I want to feel free. In my first journal entry since the Tele-Seminar, I described the way I want my life to go if I could have it any way at all. The bank extends an amazing loan modification. I am making enough money doing work that I love and easily affording these new, lower house payments. My family and I are thriving – healthy, happy and filled with love.

I intend to keep journaling throughout the month Anna is offering her Tele-Seminar. One day I expect to look back at this experience fondly, marveling at the new, healthy, happy life that has unfolded. For now, I feel happy with how things are and eager for more. And more, and more. Thank you, Anna.


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My life passion is partnering with individuals and organizations in creating their own unique transformations and living their lives to the absolute fullest. I love supporting my clients in getting clarity about their own present state, defining what it is that they want to create, and then making it happen. In working with my clients, I am able to draw upon my vast professional experiences of over 40 years. Having a private mental health counseling, consulting & training practice for over 24 years in Phoenix, Arizona, I was invited by individuals and organizations from all areas of life, to be a part of their life journey.
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