All of our consulting and training is custom designed to meet the unique needs of our clients.  Together we assess your needs, address the core issues, not just the presenting problems, so that sustainable solutions are created and successfully implemented.

We teach practical and effective life skills that can be applied immediately.  Our engaging activities support more effective thoughts and behaviors, inspiring a greater sense of purpose, connectedness, and unity.

All of our work is interactive and experiential; employing accelerated learning methodologies and solid, leading-edge content.  Feedback from clients continually includes inspiring, engaging & motivating, meaningful, practical and useful, both personally and professionally.  We give participants the tools to transform and the motivation to want to do so immediately.


“Anna has had a huge positive impact on our group.  Through her guidance, we have shifted from an organization of unproductive in-fighting and criticism to a team that is much more accepting of other’s idiosyncrasies and more likely to give one another room to be their own person instead of expecting them to be what we want them to be.  As a result we are both individually, and as a group, much more productive and prosperous.  This is an ongoing project, but we are well on the way and enjoying the successful changes, personally and professionally, that have come about as a result of working with Anna.  We all acknowledge that we would not be in this current state without the skillful transformative guidance of Anna.”                                     Judy L.,  Real Estate Broker, FL

 “Our Start-up software organization benefited tremendously in working with Anna. She was  especially helpful in getting our group, with broad cultural differences, integrated, focused on  common objectives, and functioning as a successful team.  Anna truly walks her talk in coaching us toward our desired outcomes.”                        Jim C, CEO,  NY