Welcome to Joy In Living, an Integrative Health and Wellness group where our commitment is supporting you in creatively designing and living your life to the absolute fullest.  We’re so glad you’re here and would like this to be an opportunity for you to learn more about us and how we can partner together.

Our mission is partnering with our clients in creatively designing their own
unique transformations of well-being and fully living their possibilities”



We have had so many requests to offer another MINDFULNESS MEDITATION Tele-Seminar that we are in the process of scheduling another!  This is a perfect gift of self-care…Please stay tuned!

‘Joy In Living’ is the knowingness that ‘all is well’ even in the midst of contrast, chaos and change.  It is a continual state of flow derived from overall well-being, not dependent on outside circumstances.  Coming from the ‘Source of Life’ within, it is living the ‘best practices’ that allow the embrace of all of life in a mindful, brilliant manner.

‘Integrative Wellness’ is understanding the deep connections between all parts of our being: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Relational, Professional, Financial and Environmental.  It is about consciously addressing and creating a healthy balance in all areas to live life to the fullest.


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We recognize that each journey is unique.  We honor and support you wherever you are on your journey.  Our work together focuses 100% on YOU, what you want or are feeling called to in life.  Through an integrative approach, we support you in awakening to, designing and living the fullest life by guiding toward mindful choice and change, with the intention to improve all areas of well-being.

We know we can help you find clearer direction and emerge with a deeper understanding, focus, wisdom, peace and joy.  Our work is a powerfully effective approach if you are ready to break past limiting beliefs and behaviors, creating lasting and sustainable change.

Our clients’ desires in working with us are seeking sustainable change in Health and Well-Being by creating:

  • successful navigation through transition and change, with resiliency and flexibility
  • burn-out prevention/stress reduction, moving into sanity, balance and joy
  • more meaningful, healthier relationships in every area of life
  • environments where all are inspired, motivated and can live their greatest contribution and potential
  • a deeper connection with God, Spirit, Source, Divinity
  • meaning, joy and passion in life work
  • a better world by creating a better Self


  • Coaching with Anna via telephone changed the course of my life in the midst of a health crisis.  I believe the work we did together, both creative and practical, was fuel for healing my body and spirit.  As a coach she is enthusiastic, validating, supportive, empathetic, and intelligent.  I do not see how anyone can NOT see positive changes in their life with Anna as their life coach.–Alena D., Social Worker & Yoga Instructor, NY

  • Through Anna’s coaching style and expertise, she guided me through some life challenges in a way that has provided valuable insight and change in my life.  Her loving and embracing demeanor allowed me to fully discover more of who I am and supported me in opening my medical spa–Sheri A., Nurse Practitioner, NV

  • Anna has had a huge positive impact on our group.  Through her guidance, we have shifted from an organization of unproductive in-fighting and criticism to a group that is much more accepting of other’s idiosyncrasies and more likely to give one another room to be their own person instead of expecting them to be what we want them to be.  As a result we are both individually, and as a group, much more productive and prosperous.  This is an ongoing project, but we are well on the way and enjoying the successful changes, personally and professionally, that have come about as a result of working with Anna.   We all acknowledge that we would not be in this current state without the skillful transformative guidance of Anna.–Judy L., Real Estate Broker, FL

  • Terrified to have surgery, I learned specific things from Anna that I could do every day to prepare myself for the operation and healing process. It was a life-changing experience. I continue to use these techniques to handle stress in all areas my life now. – Rachael C., Entrepreneur & Yoga Instructor